​About Me

Hello! I am Lou.  Since a young age, I've loved playing videogames, which later developed into a great passion for the process behind bringing a game idea to life.

Currently I am working on my own indie project, a strategic, turn-based martial arts fighting game with role playing elements. It is developed in Unity and it recently won 3rd place in the indie games competition at the Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference 2019 in Tulsa, OK.

In the past I've worked as a programmer in a local game studio, where I was involved in the development of three shipped titles. All three are e-learning games, developed for a UMPC platform and targeting K12 students.

My interests in game development are not limited to programming. I am fascinated by all aspects of game development, such as overall design, game play mechanics, level design, writing story and characters, UX, concept art, and character design. As an indie developer, I am involved in all of those aspects in the development of my game project.

Lou Vasilev - Indie Game Programmer, Inspired Since Childhood
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Currently my game programming skill-set includes Unity, C#, C++, Lua, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, MySQL, and SQL Server. With that said though, I love designing and programming games and I am constantly learning new tools and technologies, such as Adobe Fuse, Mixamo, Rewired, Zenject, and so on.