​DirectX Walking Figure


​"DirectX Walking Figure" is a Windows demo, showing off the basic features of Managed DirectX. The features demonstrated are lights, 3D transformations, and full screen drawings. It also demonstrates the capabilities of the 3D board, such as machine adapters, devices for each adapter, the display modes for each device, and the device capabilities.

To create the illusion of animation, the application loads an array of bitmap images as textures and renders them one at a time over a square composed of two triangles.

Another DirectX feature demonstrated is the use of transparent textures. That's accomplished by creating an image with transparent parts that can be moved with the mouse, so the user can see the image is transparent. The walking figure from the previous example is used as a background texture and another texture, with a color set to transparent, is loaded over it.

To demonstrate the use of lighting, once again the walking figure from the first example is reused. Also, a Windows Form is used to allow the user to change each of the RGB components of the diffuse light colors in each of the figure's vertices.

And finally, in order to demonstrate matrix transformations on 3D shapes, the application draws a cube which can be translated (moving) or scaled (re-sizing).

"DirectX Walking Figure" was developed by following a tutorial from the book "Beginning .NET Game Programming in C#".


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​Game Details

  • ​Platform: ​​​Windows PC
  • ​Language: ​C​#
  • ​Tools used: ​ ​Managed DirectX, Direct3D, Visual Studio