​MonoGame Third Person Shooter


"MonoGame ThirdPersonShooter" is a PC game demo originally developed with C# and XNA and later upgraded to use MonoGame instead of XNA. The demo was developed based on a tutorial from the book "Beginning XNA 2.0 Game Programming: From Novice to Professional".

The demo includes implementations of the following game systems: Content rendering pipeline (for drawing 3D animated models, terrain, and a skybox), 3D model processor, camera, lights, special effects, materials and shapes, game logic (including player and enemy movement), and player inputs. The gameplay consists of exploring an unknown planet and fighting off hostile creatures.


MonoGameThirdPersonShooter 2019-05-04 21-26-09-17
MonoGameThirdPersonShooter 2019-05-04 21-25-10-15
MonoGameThirdPersonShooter 2019-05-04 21-25-37-78
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​Game Details

  • ​Platform: ​​​PC
  • Engine: ​​XNA, MonoGame
  • ​Language: ​C​#
  • ​Tools used: ​ Visual Studio