"Netterpillars" is an arcade style game, a clone of the popular game "Snake". The objective of the game is to eat as many mushrooms as possible while avoiding the walls. The player can play by himself or herself or compete against 1-3 AI controlled netterpillars.

 The game's graphics use GDI+ to draw sprites into which bitmap images are loaded. The game is over when the last remaining netterpillar eats the last mushroom or collides with a wall.

 The computer controller netterpillars are controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), with the following behavior:

  • ​Avoid getting killed by hitting a wall, while eating mushrooms that are closest to the netterpillar's head.
  • ​Add random behavior to make the behavior of the AI netterpillars unpredictable.

​ "Netterpillars" was developed by following a tutorial from the book "Beginning .NET Game Programming in C#".


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​Game Details

  • ​Platform: ​​​Windows PC
  • ​Language: ​C​#
  • ​Tools used: ​ Visual Studio, GCI+