​"Nettrix" is a clone of the popular game "Tetris" developed in C#. The objective of the game is to align falling blocks of various shapes in a horizontal line, at the bottom of the game screen.

While a block is falling, the player can move it left or right, rotate it, or make it fall down faster. When a block reaches the bottom of the game screen, or another block, the game checks if a continuous horizontal line of blocks exists and if so, it removes it. The game ends when one or more blocks reaches the top of the screen.

GDI+ is used to draw the game's graphics. Collision detection is performed by associating each square in a block with a bit and then storing all bits in an array. A binary comparison is then performed for each bit in the array to determine if a block has collided with the bottom or top of the screen, or with another block.

"Nettrix" was developed by following a tutorial from the book "Beginning .NET Game Programming in C#".


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​Game Details

  • ​Platform: ​​​Windows PC
  • ​Language: ​C​#
  • ​Tools used: ​ Visual Studio, GCI+