Pathways is an e-Learning life simulation game (in the vein of The SIMS), designed to simulate the experience of attending high-school and preparing for college. The target audience for the game is K12 students. In the game students attend classes, take quizzes, engage in extra curricular activities, get advice from counselors, and prepare for attending college and working towards a career path. To make the gameplay experience more personal, they can create their own character and customize its appearance to their liking. Teachers can track students' progress through a variety of scores, such as academic, financial, and social.

The game is developed mainly in C++ and Lua, also utilizing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


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​Gameplay Footage

​Game Details

  • Platform: Windows PC, Windows Tablet UMPC
  • Engine: ​Ogre3D
  • ​Language: ​C++, Lua
  • ​Tools used: ​Visual Studio
  • ​Shipped: 2011


  • ​Dialog system in C++
  • Sports and word puzzle mini-games in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

​"Pathways" is property of the K20 Center