Game Designer/Programmer

Indie Project - "The Realm of Zen" 

2013 - Present

Tools:                 Unity, MonoDevelop, Adobe                                      Fuse, GIMP 2, TortoiseSVN,                                        Rewired, Zenject

Tools:                        Unity, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio, Adobe Fuse, Mixamo, Krita, Easy Save 3, TortoiseSVN

Languages:            C#, XML

API & Libraries:  Rewired, Zenject

  • Designing overall architecture and flow of indie computer game
  • Designing and developing gameplay mechanics for main game and mini-games
  • Incorporating animations in game with C# and Unity's Mechanim system
  • Designing and implementing two tier Artificial Intelligence system using Finite State Machines and a
    Utility Based System
  • Designing and implementing a Dialog system in C#
  • Creating concept art for game levels and loading screens and collaborating with 3D and 2D artists to implement
    levels and loading screens
  • Using SOLID principles of Object Oriented Design for more maintainable and reusable code
  • Using Zenject to incorporate Dependency Injection in C# game code
  • Using Rewired and C# to write logic for multiple input schemes, i.e. Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC
  • Awarded 3rd place in indie game competitions at Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference 2019 and 2023, in Tulsa, OK
  • Exhibited game at 2016 XPO gaming convention in Tulsa, OK

Game Programmer

K20 Center, Norman, OK

2007 - 2010

Tools:                  Visual Studio, Flash,                                                          MySQL, SVN

Tools:                        Visual Studio, Flash, MySQL, SVN

Languages:            C++, Lua, ActionScript, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS

API & Libraries:  CEGUI, RakNet

Languages:     C++, Lua, ActionScript, XML

  • Designed and developed e-Learning games for K-12 students and teachers
  • Programmed gameplay scenarios and missions in C++ and Lua
  • Code ownership over database interactions, local image cache, task tracking, weather system for rain
  • Designed UIs for report generator, email system, and interactive map in CEGUI and Flash
  • Programmed dialog system in C++
  • Designed and developed sports and word puzzle mini-games in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Wrote unit tests with UnitTest++ to ensure code behaves according to specifications

Software Developer

Paycom, Oklahoma City, OK 

2020 - present

Tools:                    Git, BitBucket, Visual Studio, PhpStorm

Languages:       C#, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Php

Development of Web applications

Application Developer

Claims Management Resources, Oklahoma City, OK 

2015 - 2020

Tools:                  Entity Framework, LINQ,                                             Git, BitBucket, Bamboo, SQL                                      Server

Tools:                    Entity Framework, LINQ, Git, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, Bamboo, SQL Server

Languages:     C#, AngularJS, TypeScript,                                          JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML

Languages:       C#, AngularJS, ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • Design and development of UIs with JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS
  • Development of RESTful Web Services in C#
  • Development of AngularJS services and C# classes for consuming Web Service content
  • Developing unit tests with MSTest, xUnit, and AutoFixture
  • Development of Publish/Subscribe messaging system using RabbitMQ, EasyNetQ, and SignalR
  • Using SOLID principles of Object Oriented Design
  • Using Ninject to incorporate Dependency Injection in code
  • Creating SQL Server ERDs, queries, views, and stored procedures

Software Developer

Power Costs, Inc., Norman, OK

2010 - 2015

Tools:                  Eclipse, Oracle SQL                                                           Developer, DHTMLX, Smart                                       GWT, Git/Gerrit

Tools:                   Eclipse, Oracle SQL Developer, DHTMLX, Smart GWT, Git/Gerrit

Languages:     Java, JavaScript/Prototype,                                       CSS, HTML, XML, AJAX,                                              JSON

Languages:       Java, JavaScript/Prototype, CSS, HTML, XML, AJAX, JSON

  • Developed business logic and back-end modules using Java
  • Design Developed UIs using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, DHTMLX, and Smart GWT
  • Utilized Object Oriented
  • Wrote unit tests using JUnit to ensure code behaves according to requirements
  • Awarded quarterly award for performance excellence three times

Pathways (PC, UMPC, shipped 2011)

McLarin's Adventures Ultimate (UMPC, Notebook, shipped 2009)

McLarin's Adventures  (UMPC, shipped 2008)

Space Repair (PC, 2020) - developed in Unity during Global Game Jam 2020

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK