Game Designer/Programmer​

Indie Project - "The Realm of Zen" 

​2013 - Present

Tools:                 Unity, MonoDevelop, Adobe                                      Fuse, GIMP 2, TortoiseSVN,                                        Rewired, Zenject

Tools:                        Unity, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio, Adobe Fuse, Mixamo, GIMP 2, TortoiseSVN

Languages:            C#, XML

API & Libraries:  Rewired, Zenject

  • ​Designing overall architecture and flow of indie computer game
  • Designing and developing gameplay mechanics for main game and mini-games
  • ​Incorporating animations in game with C# and Unity's Mechanim system
  • Designing and implementing two tier Artificial Intelligence system using Finite State Machines and a
    Utility Based System
  • Designing and implementing a Dialog system in C#
  • ​Creating concept art for game levels and loading screens and collaborating with 3D and 2D artists to implement
    levels and loading screens
  • Using SOLID principles of Object Oriented Design for more maintainable and reusable code
  • ​Using Zenject to incorporate Dependency Injection in C# game code
  • Using Rewired and C# to write logic for multiple input schemes, i.e. Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC
  • ​Awarded 3rd place in indie game competition at Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference 2019 in Tulsa, OK
  • ​Exhibited game at 2016 XPO gaming convention in Tulsa, OK

Game Programmer​

K20 Center, Norman, OK ​

​2007 - 2010

Tools:              ​    Visual Studio, Flash,                                                          MySQL, SVN

Tools:                        Visual Studio, Flash, MySQL, SVN

Languages:            C++, Lua, ActionScript, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS

API & Libraries:  CEGUI, RakNet

Languages:     C++, Lua, ActionScript, XML

  • Designed and developed e-Learning games for K-12 students and teachers
  • ​Programmed gameplay scenarios and missions in C++ and Lua
  • ​Code ownership over database interactions, local image cache, task tracking, weather system for rain
  • ​Designed UIs for report generator, email system, and interactive map in CEGUI and Flash
  • Programmed dialog system in C++
  • Designed and developed sports and word puzzle mini-games in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Wrote unit tests with UnitTest++ to ensure code behaves according to specifications

Application Developer​

Claims Management Resources, Oklahoma City, OK 

​2015 - Present

Tools:                  Entity Framework, LINQ,                                             Git, BitBucket, Bamboo, SQL                                      Server

Tools:                    Entity Framework, LINQ, Git, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, Bamboo, SQL Server

Languages:     C#, AngularJS, TypeScript,                                          JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML

Languages:       C#, AngularJS, ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • Design and development of UIs with JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS
  • ​Development of RESTful Web Services in C#
  • ​Development of AngularJS services and C# classes for consuming Web Service content
  • ​Developing unit tests with MSTest, xUnit, and AutoFixture
  • ​Development of Publish/Subscribe messaging system using RabbitMQ, EasyNetQ, and SignalR
  • ​Using SOLID principles of Object Oriented Design
  • ​Using Ninject to incorporate Dependency Injection in code
  • Creating SQL Server ERDs, queries, views, and stored procedures

Software Developer​

Power Costs, Inc., Norman, OK​

2010 - 2015

Tools:                  Eclipse, Oracle SQL                                                           Developer, DHTMLX, Smart                                       GWT, Git/Gerrit

Tools:                   Eclipse, Oracle SQL Developer, DHTMLX, Smart GWT, Git/Gerrit

Languages:     Java, JavaScript/Prototype,                                       CSS, HTML, XML, AJAX,                                              JSON

Languages:       Java, JavaScript/Prototype, CSS, HTML, XML, AJAX, JSON

  • Developed business logic and back-end modules using Java
  • Design Developed UIs using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, DHTMLX, and Smart GWT
  • Utilized Object Oriented
  • ​Wrote unit tests using JUnit to ensure code behaves according to requirements
  • ​Awarded quarterly award for performance excellence three times

Pathways (PC, UMPC, shipped 2011)

McLarin's Adventures Ultimate (UMPC, Notebook, shipped 2009)

McLarin's Adventures  (UMPC, shipped 2008)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK