Space Repair


"Space Repair" is a 3D third-person action game developed in Unity and C#. The game was developed during the Global Game Jam 2020. The theme for the game jam was "Repair". The game takes place in an abandoned space station and the player controls a robot, whose goal is to repair five broken devices in the space station. There were a number of diversifiers during the game jam and the one my team picked was for the game to be completed in 20 seconds, so the goal of the game is to repair all five broken devices in 20 seconds or less. For an additional element of difficulty, the space station is rotating horizontally as the player flies around and looks for devices to repair.

The space station 3D model, animated robot 3D model, and the space skybox were taken from the Unity asset store. The rest, including music and sound effects, were created during the game jam.

More details, including a link for downloading and playing the game, can be found on the Global Game Jam's website below:


Lou Vasilev - Space Repair
Lou Vasilev - Space Repair
Lou Vasilev - Space Repair
Lou Vasilev - Space Repair
Lou Vasilev - Space Repair
Lou Vasilev - Space Repair
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Gameplay Footage

Game Details

  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Engine: Unity
  • Language: C#
  • Tools used: Visual Studio


  • Gameplay programming
  • UX programming for space station devices being repaired and for timer
  • Controlling special effects for repaired devices
  • UX programming for gameplay controls