The Realm Of Zen



The "Realm of Zen" is a strategic, turn-based martial arts fighting game with role playing game elements. The game is set in a futuristic world with several areas for the player to explore, while also learning martial arts and engaging in fights with various opponents.  The game is developed with the Unity game engine and programmed in C#. The 3D models in the game are created with Adobe Fuse and animated with Mixamo. The game utilizes a two-tier Artificial Intelligence system composed of a Finite State Machine and a Utility Based System.

The "Realm of Zen" was awarded 3rd place at the indie game competition at the Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference 2019 and 2023, in Tulsa, OK. It was also exhibited at the CSGC 2022 and XPO 2016 game conventions in Tulsa, OK.


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Gameplay Footage

Game Details

  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Engine: Unity
  • Language: C#, XML
  • Tools used: MonoDevelop, Visual Studio, Adobe Fuse, Mixamo, Krita, GIMP 2, TortoiseSVN, Rewired, Zenject, Easy Save 3


  • Gameplay mechanics for main game and mini-games
  • Two tier Artificial Intelligence system using Finite State Machines and a Utility Based System
  • Designing and implementing a Dialogue system
  • Incorporating animations in game with Unity's Mechanim system
  • Designing and programming UIs for in-game menus, input prompts, fighting gameplay, and minigames
  • Utilizing Easy Save 3 and Scriptable Objects for saving and loading game data
  • Loading character stats and actions data from JSON and XML source files 
  • Character and level design 

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) system in 'The Realm of Zen' consists of two parts, a Finite State Machine (FSM) and a Utility Based (UB) system. The FSM is responsible for high-level strategic choices, while the UB system makes the more specific, tactical choices.